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5 Facts About Detox Tea

The so-called “detox” tea has been popular for years among people who resort to alternative ways of losing weight. Are detox teas really working and reliable? Take a look at the 5 facts you should know before you start sipping these teas. 1 – You need to do diet and sports Nothing alone creates miracles when you lose weight. Miraculous mixtures, popular diets, do not need any medicines that can cause life-threatening problems. It is very easy to lose weight when you consume everything and shrink quantities and increase some movement. The work done puts there changes in the way permanent lifestyle is more effective than diet. Already detox is the main principle of natural nutrition. Detox means that healthy and natural products take place in an adequate and balanced manner, as opposed to the general practice of society. Detox or detox tea is not a weight loss method. 2 – You may be losing water instead of fat Detox tea may cause water loss by diuretic effect. You lose about 3 grams of w…
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10 Gold Rules of Body Building

The vast majority of people who work in bodybuilding are not able to “thrive”. But if you work right and follow the important rules below, you will not have a problem. The principles I consider here are all important to each other and it will be very good for you. Remember, if you can not improve, then there is a problem. Otherwise there is no reason you can not improve and you can not gain weight. As far as I can see, people are having problems at most 1, 3, 7 and 8 points. 1) Take 4-5 meals a day, enough protein and calories
Nutrition is a must for bodybuilding. If you have at least 4000 calories per day, endomorphic or mesomorphic, take 3,000 calories per day. Of course, healthy food! If you are endomorphic ie easy to lean, eat carbohydrate consumption of over 150 grams and low glycemic index carbohydrates. If you get too much fat, reduce your calories or increase if you do not gain weight. Every day 2 g per body weight. Get protein from animal sources. Record everything you eat tog…

Everything About Raw Food Nutrition

We have compiled the most curious about Raw Food, a new nutrition movement based on established millions of years ago. What is Raw Nutrition? For millions of years human beings were raw before they found fire. Today, raw nutrition is a nutritional trend that gradually affects the world. It is a philosophy of life that is regarded as returning to nature because the first humans are similar to the way of eating, and is regarded as the refinement of the self and purification of the body. Raw nutrition, in its simplest form, means feeding with uncooked food, ie raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and oil seeds. Raw nutrition philosophy is based on the consumption of foods that have not been cooked or processed. Why should we consume food raw? When enzymes disappear together with heat, our bodies are working to produce these enzymes and this extra study is getting tired. The lack of these enzymes can lead to problems such as digestive problems, malnutrition, premature aging or weight gain over tim…


The first rule is to have a fit body is burning fat. With these 3 gold strategies you will include in your exercises, you can bring your fat burning speed to the top level. I guess there is not one person who is satisfied with the fat in your body … So it is common goal of people to burn fat and those who want to lose weight and just want to tighten without losing weight. Now we will explain the most effective tricks to burn fat! The First Three Steps for Fat Burning First, you need to create the most favorable environment for the metabolism of fat molecules. Here’s what you need to do: Find the calorie span or at least calorie balance.
Keep the metabolic rate as high as possible.
Muscle fibers regularly warn enough violently.
There are two ways to create calorie span; By increasing one’s energy consumption by one with nutrition. Of course one of the most common and effective ways to increase energy expenditure is to exercise. Cardio exercises are the most effective exercises to create ca…

How to Get Six Pack Abs (No Easy Way!)

It’s really possible to have abdominal muscles (abs) in other saying  “6-pack“, like as you see in the magazines. Only discipline and time are required for this! Do you need to pull the shuttle, hungry? What is the role of exercise and nutrition in having 6-pack abdominal muscles? Do you have to work the stomach every day? We distinguish this post from our very curious subject. These are tons of questions about how to get six pack abs. And also some myths with totally wrong beliefs. A Closer Look to the Abdominal Muscles First, let’s get to know the anatomy of the abdominal muscles. We can roughly study abdominal muscles in three parts: rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques and transverse abdominis. The external abdominal muscles are deep underneath. These six-part abdominal muscles are starting to become visible from the outside when the body fat is low enough (usually 10% for men and 18% for women). Muscle fibers are arranged from top to bottom. The basic function is to b…

If the vast majority of the day is spent at the computer, you should definitely take a look at the benefits that pilates have to your life.
The increase in waist-to-back workout causes back, neck and back pain to increase because sitting and staying too long will weaken the back muscles and cause imbalances in the anterior and posterior muscles. As a result, arthritis, muscle tensions, waist and neck hernias and aches, as well as problems such as posture dysfunction, ie, hunchback, spinal curve, waist flatness, become common complaints of table head workers. These pain, which can be treated with exercise and pain relief in the first place, can later become chronic diseases. Especially in stressful working conditions, the best solution is to have a correct sitting pattern and regular exercise. What are the Benefits of Pilates Provides for All Day Sitting Workers? Many physiothe…